Teaching and Learning

The Hayfield School Big Picture

At The Hayfield School we expect our professionals to plan and deliver lessons in which students make great progress by extending their knowledge, skills and understanding. To support them in planning and delivery, we have created our Big Picture, containing all of the ingredients of a great lesson. 

The Big Picture encourages and promotes creativity within a framework, ensuring consistency without stifling individuality. 

Homework at The Hayfield School

Homework is an important requisite for children and young people becoming self-regulated learners. At the same time, we don’t wish to waste their time and recognise that well-rounded students will also take part in any number of extra-curricular activities both in school and beyond. It was for this reason that we created our Homework Key. 

The Homework Key is intended to encourage variety and at the same time make explicit to students the purpose and rationale for each piece of work being asked from them. 

Students are encouraged to record the homework type in their planner to allow parents and carers the opportunity to understand and appreciate how it will benefit their child’s learning and progress.