Sports Studies


Why should I study this subject?

This OCR Cambridge National vocational course is ideal for students who have an interest in sport and want to learn how to develop their knowledge of sports media. This course would be ideal for students who may want to have a role in sports journalism, as a PE Teacher or a student who is interested in the impact of social media on sporting choice.

What will I study?

There are three units. These are:

R184 Contemporary Issues in Sport. This is your main exam where you will be assessed on your knowledge of sport, the Olympics and how world games are structured.

R185 Performance and Leadership in Sports Activity. This unit will assess your ability in two sports. One must be an individual sport (Badminton or Athletics) and one must be a team. This could be Netball, Football or Rugby etc. You will also be assessed leading an activity of your choice.

R186 Sport and the media. This coursework based unit will assess your knowledge of how media influences sport and how sport has influenced the media.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through a series of assignments and an exam. The exam will be a maximum of 80 marks and you will have the potential to sit the exam twice. You will also have two coursework based units that allow you to resit if you would like to aspire to a better mark.

What skills will I learn?

You will not only develop your sporting skills but you will also develop your leadership and organisational skills. This course is ideal for anyone looking to develop interpersonal skills that are transferable to any working environment.

What equipment will I need?

Full PE kit and all the required stationery equipment.

How will this subject develop my sense of character and culture?

All aspects of character and culture are covered within PE

Diversity- through how we look at potential sporting barriers

Inclusion – How we develop this in our society

Teamwork- How you work as part of a team

Leadership- through leading activities

How sport helps to develop positive values and characteristics

Aspirations- How we plan to improve performance through goal setting

You will study about Sport and the barriers people face to participation and how the sport industry can mitigate these barriers

Where can this subject take me?

After studying this subject you may look at A level or Btecs in Sport or Physical Education. In the long term you may access jobs like a Sport Journalist, Sports Coach, Uniformed Services or even a PE Teacher.

Where can I find out more?

What other subjects would compliment my learning in this qualification?

The Curriculum Team

Mr T Carroll
Teacher of Physical Education
Miss L Hodgkiss
Teacher of Physical Education/Sport
Mr T Machin
Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs A Maddock
Leader of Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG)
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Assistant Headteacher
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Teacher of Physical Education/Sport
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Director of Physical Education/Sport