SIMS Parent App

Communicating effectively with our parents and students is of great importance to us. We wish to ensure that all school communications are received in the simplest and most efficient manner possible. To do this we use the SIMS Parent App. This app, which you can setup on your own mobile device, will enable you to:

  • Update your contact details
  • Update your child’s details
  • View your child’s timetable
  • Receive key school communications via instant messaging (including attachments)
  • Receive letters from the school
  • View assessment information
  • View attendance information

Not all of the above features have been activated yet. However, we will be continually activating these various aspects of the SIMS Parent App over the following school year.

Registering with the SIMS Parent App

When your child first joins our school, you will receive a registration invitation for the SIMS Parent App via the primary email address we hold on record. We ask that you follow the registration instructions in order to set up the app on your mobile device. (We only require one parent, carer or guardian to register with the app in each household). Once you have downloaded and setup the app please ensure you allow notifications.

If your child is enrolled at our school and you have not yet registered, please check your email and follow the instructions as outlined. (If you have no email in your inbox, please check your junk folder first).


  • Not receiving an alert when we send you a message? Ensure you have allowed notifications from the app on your mobile device.
  • For detailed guidance and troubleshooting on setup and registration.
  • For a quick and easy setup guide, select the Parent App Guide PDF document below.
  • For a quick reference guide on viewing your child’s timetable, select the Viewing Timetable PDF document below.
  • If you are experiencing any difficulties and require support, please email: