Physical Education

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."


Our Physical Education curriculum focuses on broadening knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of sporting activities. Such depth provides opportunities for students to develop their physical, social and emotional wellbeing and embrace healthy active lifestyles. We aim to educate students in an environment relevant to them in the hope they gain confidence to continue to be physically active outside of school and throughout life.

Our Physical Education curriculum has been designed to group students in pathways according to ability, each with their own tailored learning journey. We aim to develop an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect through sensitivity to individual needs; this student centred approach allows for a variety of sporting opportunities enabling their self-esteem to flourish and confidence to grow in a comfortable but challenging environment.

We continue to offer a broad and inclusive range of extra-curricular provision supplementing our curriculum delivery. This is in support of learning and where we are able to foster outstanding relationships with students. We offer an extensive sports competitions calendar, providing our students with opportunities to compete against other schools, both locally and nationally and on an inter-house basis. Our values are the core of our extra-curricular offering and is the very foundation of our reputation.

The Physical Education department strives to ensure that students not only develop physically but also through social, emotional, cultural and intellectual aspects. We want students to become the best version of themselves and we aim to support them in both cognitive and academic performance. Through experiences in sport and physical activity, we believe our students will acquire the skills and confidence to flourish in today’s ever changing world.

Curriculum Intent

To provide students with the choice to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain and improve health-related fitness as part of their commitment to lifelong healthy lifestyles. Students will become educated in an environment that is relevant to them in hope they will continue to be physically active outside school and throughout life. 

The main outcome of this continually evolving curriculum is to mobilise and galvanise students to want to be active and participate in lessons. We want students to continue to develop their knowledge through traditional sporting experiences and provide opportunities to prepare students for wider society such as joining gyms, fitness classes, home workouts etc.

We have modernised the KS4 curriculum making lessons fun and enjoyable for all, whilst promoting the underlying message of the importance of looking after our health (physically, socially and emotionally). We want students to feel comfortable in an environment that is suitable to them in hope they will continue to be physically active outside school and throughout life.


Subject Objective

We are passionate about Physical Education and Sport. We offer a broad and varied curriculum with the aim of developing a life long sporting interest in physical activity. The varied curriculum gives students the opportunity to shine in an array of activities and develop physical confidence. We pride ourselves on our thriving extra curricular programme and attempt to offer competitive sporting opportunities to all.

Subject Objective

All pupils in Years 7 to 9 receive 2 one-hour lessons per week. The pupils engage in a variety of different sports, from traditional games such as Football, Gymnastics, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Netball through to less common activities like, Tchoukball  and Leadership. Each year the pupils will build on their knowledge from the previous year so that they can develop their skills and ability levels. PE is taught in single and mixed sex classes throughout all of KS3. Pupils are assessed in a variety of ways upon entering the school and are then placed into ability-appropriate groups. In order to maximise learning and skill development, pupils are taught a sport for a series of lessons before moving onto another activity. The PE department wants to create opportunities for all students to develop physically socially and emotionally in a sporting setting.


Why should I study this subject?

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about what makes a fantastic sportsperson. The course will look at the human body and how to make it work more effectively through training. The course will also focus upon how the mind can impact performance and how to overcome potential barriers to success. The course will link these concepts and showcase how being physically, socially and emotionally healthy allows optimum sporting performance. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about sport then this is the course for you.

What will I study?

You will learn about the following content:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology – structure and function of body systems.
  • Biomechanics – Movement analysis through lever systems and axes.
  • Physical training- How we train our body to optimize sporting performance.
  • Use of data- How we can use data to drive improvement in our performance.
  • Sports psychology – How we use our mind to improve our performance.
  • Socio-cultural influences- What factors impact our participation and how to overcome them.
  • Health, fitness and well-being – How to be happy and healthy in physical activity
  • Deviance in Sport- Drugs and gamesmanship
  • Commercialistaion- the relationship between sport and the media

How will I be assessed?

Examination (60%):

There are 2 exam papers with a mixture of multiple choice/objective test questions, short answer questions and extended answer questions:

Paper 1: Fitness and Body Systems (1 hour 45 minutes and is worth 36% of your total GCSE)

Paper 2: Health and Performance (1 hour 15 minutes and is worth 24% of your total GCSE)

Practical Performance (30%):

You will be assessed across 3 practical sports.

You can perform in:

  • One individual activity (Athletics, Tennis, Badminton etc)
  • One Team (Football, Rugby, Netball etc)
  • Then you select another activity from either a team or an individual activity

Coursework (10%)

The final 10% is a Personal Exercise Plan (PEP) which is a 1500 word written piece of coursework.

What skills will I develop?

You will develop numerous skills including communication, leadership, teamwork and an ability to refine and develop sporting technique.

What equipment will I need?

You will need full PE kit and your normal classroom equipment.

How will this subject develop my sense of character and culture?

All aspects of character and culture are covered within PE

  • Diversity – through how we look at potential sporting barriers.
  • Inclusion – how we develop this in our society.
  • Teamwork – how you work as part of a team.
  • Leadership – through leading activities.
  • How sport helps to develop positive values and characteristics.
  • Aspirations – how we plan to improve performance through goal setting and through the development of a training programme.

You will study about Sport and the barriers people face to participation and how the sport industry can mitigate these barriers

Where can this subject take me in the future?

The Physical Education GCSE will provide a good platform for further study in A-Level / Degree courses in hope of career opportunities in:

  • Health industry
  • Personal Training
  • Medicine
  • Sports Coaching
  • Refereeing
  • Performance analyst
  • Teaching
  • Physiotherapist

Your teacher will be happy to share knowledge of linked professions with you.

Where can I find out more?

What other subjects would compliment my learning in this qualification?

The Curriculum Team

Mr T Carroll
Teacher of Physical Education
Miss L Hodgkiss
Teacher of Physical Education/Sport
Mr T Machin
Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs A Maddock
Leader of Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG)
Miss H Rockliff
Assistant Headteacher
Miss K Scorer
Teacher of Physical Education/Sport
Mr I Taylor
Director of Physical Education/Sport