Learning Support (SEND)

Welcome to the Learning Support Department

I am very proud to work with a team of experienced and skilled Learning Support Assistants.

  • Everything that we do is personalised to the individual child, and their strengths and likes/loves.
  • We run a friendly and accessible base in the school that we call HayZone – some students use it as their “home in school,” whereas others pop in for twenty minutes to do an intervention.
  • Our aim is to foster your child’s love of learning, their resilience and their independence, preparing them for adulthood and post-16 education and learning, as well as the wider world and making and managing relationships.
  • We look forward to working with you in your journey through our secondary school, from the transition to us in Year 5/6 to hearing about your successes in the future.”

Mrs C Shepherd
Head of Learning Support/SENDCO

The context and our ethos

From September 2014 all schools in England began operating under a new Code of Practice which dictates how to meet the needs of young people deemed to have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to ensure they make the best possible progress in school. At The Hayfield School we aim to be as inclusive as possible with the needs of SEND students being met in a mainstream setting and where ‘Quality First Inclusive Teaching’ enables and empowers most of our students to overcome barriers to learning. We aim to meet holistically their academic, social and/or emotional needs so that they are prepared for life beyond school – your son or daughter’s support is not solely determined by a piece of paper with a diagnosis on (useful and interesting though these are) but by individual observations and assessments by a range of teachers and professionals, including staff from external agencies.

We recognise that some students will require additional support through Wave 2 and Wave 3 provision, and these students will all have a live SEND Support Plan, with clear outcomes in a timeframe with provisions.

The SEND and additional needs registers are meant to be fluid “live working documents”, and it is therefore expected that students move between the two registers during their time at The Hayfield School, and some students may be removed from all of the needs registers in line with a graduated response. 

The principle of the new 2014 code is that students have their needs identified early, and that intervention then happens early.

We provide information and training for teaching staff to help them understand the individual students needs, and share strategies for removing barriers to learning.

Together, we monitor and track the progress of pupils with additional educational needs and provide intervention where appropriate. 
Interventions include:

  • Small group support
  • IDL Literacy and Numeracy Support programmes
  • Reading/phonics intervention
  • The NESSY Programme (literacy/SPLD intervention)
  • Pastoral support in tutor period
  • Social/ emotional 1:1 sessions as part of planned SEMH/ASD outcomes
  • The Spitfire Club in HayZone at social times
  • Individual study support and adapted timetables
  • HayZone supported homework club

From transition in Y5 and Y6 we begin to collect evidence from staff of students picture of need, and all students on the SEND and additional needs registers will produce with an LSA in Y7 a Learning Support Passport, sharing with all staff their strengths and what they love, as well as what is challenging and what would help them in lesson. Access arrangements are gradually put in place to support students in assessments/exams in Year 7 and 8. At the end of Key Stage 3 we use screening and diagnostic assessments to confirm what additional support may be needed in public examinations in Year 10 and beyond.

Policies, SEN Information Report and the Accessibility Plan can all be found on our policies page.

Parents can login to the SEND system.

For further information about Learning Support or Special Educational Needs, please contact the school by phone or email.

If you have any concerns about your child having a special educational need, please contact our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Mrs C Shepherd.
Tel: 01302 770589 or