House System

The Hayfield School is home to four Houses: Wisdom, Endeavour, Liberty and Courage. All students are assigned to a house upon joining the school and this plays an important role in their time at The Hayfield School. The house system is an excellent vehicle for our students to build a positive identity, share powerful experiences, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.  The four houses are named around a set of values common to all members of The Hayfield School community and students are able to unite under the colours and motto of their individual house, whilst recognising the importance of the others. 
Ausus sit amet


Ausus sit amet

The courage to make a difference

Head of House: Mr Carroll

Nouam nitimini


Nouam nitimini

Endeavour to reach new heights

Head of House: Mr Ellison

Libertas ipsum


Libertas ipsum

Freedom to be yourself

Head of House: Miss Hodgkiss

Sapientia potentia est


Sapientia potentia est

Wisdom is power

Head of House: Miss Scorer

Each year all students engage in the race to see which house is crowned champions and winners of The Hayfield House Cup. Students participate in a range of competitions across academic, sporting and performing arts fields to gain house points that all count in their bid for glory. 

Whilst we recognise that competition plays an important role in ensuring we always strive for success, the value of everyone taking part and making a positive contribution is something that is at the heart of our house ethos. Our rewards system is designed so that every student can contribute to house totals to gain house points by attending lessons, always having the correct equipment and demonstrating a strong work ethic.  

Charitable giving is a very important part of what we do at Hayfield and each of our houses promote and take part in raising money for our designated charities, chosen by our students. In the past few years, we have raised significant amounts for a number of local and national charities and, in supporting charitable giving, our house system complements an important part of our central school ethos of kindness, decency and strong work ethic. 

Leadership is another important strand in our house system. House Representatives are elected in each tutor group to form our Hayfield School Parliament. We have eight tutor groups in each year group with two tutor groups in each house. School Parliament meets bi-weekly in its own designated space where students learn about and practise public speaking, debate current issues and use their voice to represent their peers in shaping the school experience for all. 

We are proud of our community at The Hayfield School and the part our house system plays in helping our students build identity, participation and confidence during the time theyare with us. In this way, our students can be said to gain not just a house but a home upon joining The Hayfield School.

To find out more about our House System, please contact Mr B Robertson, Assistant Headteacher.