The Trustees Board is made up of volunteers who give freely of their time and expertise. Together they play an invaluable role in helping maintain our high standards through a combination of support and challenge.

The full Trustees Board meets twice per term and operates with one other sub committee with delegated powers. This committee is:

  • Finance, Audit and Risk

The Trustees Board and Finance, Audit and Risk Committee each has its own relevant duties and terms of reference.

There are other statutory and non-statutory committees that are convened as necessary, for example the Student Behaviour Committee.

Trustees on the Trustees Board also act as Link Trustees. These Trustees have a specific interest in their nominated field, for example health and safety, and support the on-going work of the school via regular communication with appropriate staff.

With the exception of the Headteacher, Trustees serve a term of 4 years after which they can be re-elected or re-appointed.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please email:


I am the Chair of the Trustee Board at The Hayfield School.

I became a Parent Trustee in April 2013, was elected as Vice Chair of Trustees in September 2018 and latterly became the Chair of Trustees in June 2021.

In my day job, I am a Financial Adviser and have worked in the financial services industry since 1995. I have worked in local authority governance since September 2006 and I was also a Special Chief Inspector within South Yorkshire Police for 18 years. I have a good understanding of Primary and Secondary Governance and the Ofsted Framework.

As the Chair of the Board of Trustees, I am responsible for a number of areas:

  • Leading effective governance: giving the Board a clear lead and direction, ensuring that the Trustees work as an effective team and understand their accountability and the part they play in the strategic leadership of the school and in driving school improvement.
  • Building the team: attracting Trustees with the necessary skills and ensuring that tasks are delegated across the Board so that all members contribute, and feel that their individual skills, knowledge and experience are well used and that the overall workload is shared.
  • Relationship with the headteacher: being a critical friend by offering support, challenge and encouragement, holding the Headteacher to account and ensuring the Headteacher’s performance management is rigorous and robust.
  • Improving the school: ensuring school improvement is the focus of all policy and strategy and that trustee scrutiny, monitoring and challenge reflect school improvement priorities.
  • Leading the business: ensuring that statutory requirements and regulations are met, that the school provides value for money in its use of resources and that the business of governance is conducted efficiently and effectively.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote by Nelson Mandela is one of the most famous sayings on the value of education.

Whilst not as eloquent as the great man himself, I too have long advocated that education is the single most important factor when it comes to truly transforming lives. It is for this reason that I originally became a Trustee and it continues to be my obsession.

The Hayfield School has long held an important place in my heart, having had two children pass through its doors. In that time, the educational landscape has undergone many changes but for me the goal remains the same: for children and young people to become successful learners, responsible citizens and aspiring individuals. As a Trustee, I get to work alongside Mrs Fox and her staff to help ensure this ambition is realised in our School.

I have enjoyed a varied career which has taken me around the world and back again! For a number of years now, I have run our family business and learned a great deal in the process. What I hope to bring to the role of Chair of the Board of Trustees is:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Vision
  • Empathy
  • Decisiveness
  • Integrity
  • Work ethic

In addition, I would like to nurture the skills and attributes in other people working alongside me in order to ensure the School continues to be ambitious and forward looking.

My key areas of focus are overseeing the effective delivery of the Strategic School Development Plan and ensuring the Trustees Board effectively supports the School and Senior Leadership Team. Holding to account the Senior Leadership Team and the school’s performance, listening to the views of the students, parents, staff and School Council and taking into consideration what improvements can be made to ensure the school runs smoothly for everyone involved.

I am a Community Trustee and was appointed in October 2021.

Experience wise, I have held a number of governance lead roles within the education sector: at a sixth form college, a large further education college, and at a primary multi academy trust. I have in depth knowledge of effective governance practice, strategic planning, and in ensuring scrutiny, accountability and compliance.

I am passionate about education and ensuring education is of a high quality and that children and young people have access to a wide range of opportunities and are able to thrive during their schooling.

I live locally and am looking to give back to the community using the skills and experience I have gained in my profession.

I also bring to the role legal expertise, governance knowledge, and a community perspective, along with enthusiasm and the ambition to make a difference!

In my role as Community Trustee I work closely with the school on Personal Development.

I am a Community Trustee and was appointed in July 2022 and am currently the Vice Chair of the Trustee Board.

I have 29 years of experience working with South Yorkshire Police and have an extensive criminal investigation background, safeguarding, partnership working, community work and wellbeing.

I became a Trustee to support the school in its commitment to securing the best access to education for all within the community.

I will also bring to the role my extensive safeguarding background, with a strong work ethic to ensure all members of the school community are not only safeguarded but achieve the best outcomes.

My key areas of focus are: safeguarding, online safety and SEND.

I am a Community Trustee and was appointed in May 2012.

As a proven Energy Specialist with 30 years’ experience in Local Government and TPI, I have gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of the energy industry. Implementing my focussed approach and extensive analytical skills to consistently maintain high levels of portfolio and negotiation support.

I have a good grounding to enable me to work with leadership to deliver effective direction and continuous improvement.

As an experienced Trustee, my aim is to support the Senior Leadership Team and all staff within The Hayfield School to ensure all young people have a learning experience at the highest level.

I have three children, two having experienced The Hayfield School and one currently on his Hayfield journey.

I hope to continue to use my knowledge and experience from my professional career to support the school as a whole so that the young people at The Hayfield School fulfil their academic potential, develop their personal skills and are prepared for adulthood.

I am a Community Trustee and was appointed on 28 February 2024.

Following a previous career in Marketing and Public Relations within the sports industry, I retrained as a teacher and have since worked across both the primary and secondary phases.   I am passionate about inclusion and believe that all students should have equal educational opportunities.

I have held roles as a Subject Leader, Inclusion Manager, Safeguarding Lead and as an Assistant SENDCO and also have experience in whole school curriculum planning, finance and school improvement.  I was previously a Specialist Leader of Education and worked to support schools who were facing difficult circumstances.  I have also worked extensively in training both teaching and support staff.

I am committed to ensuring that students receive the best possible experience at school and to supporting the Senior Leadership Team and staff in upholding the extremely high standards they have set.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and the wider community.

I have both business and educational experience and believe that I have a balanced view of what running a school entails.  I hope to use my previous experience within schools to support the continued success and development of The Hayfield School.

My key areas of focus are: ECT development, SEND, Curriculum Financial Planning, Timetabling.

I am a Community Trustee and was appointed in October 2021.

I have 23 years experience working in the engineering industry.

For the past 18 years I have worked at Rolls-Royce in the Engineering Design and Design Methods/Standards departments. I have led and still lead teams in these areas. I have a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Marine Engineering. At work I currently lead a team that produces guidance, policy documents, calculation/design methods and the rationale therein to support the design of mechanical components for nuclear power plants. These outputs ensure that Rolls-Royce delivers a consistent, robust and high quality design and product.

I became a Trustee having lived in Auckley for the past 17 years. By holding the office of Trustee, this is a way I can give something back to the local community. The Hayfield School has always had a reputation for having high standards and I like to help support and maintain these standards.

Working in Engineering I have an interest in the STEM subject areas and in my role of Community Trustee I am linked to Quality of Education.

I am a Community Trustee appointed in the summer of 2022.

I have 25 years experience as an IT professional, and have worked for a UK bank for over 20 years, predominantly focused on IT Solution Architecture and associated governance. My role involves leading diverse teams, delivering complex programmes of work that align to technical policies, standards, and satisfy associated regulatory requirements and constraints.

Living locally with my family, I enjoy contributing to my local community, making best use of my skills and experience.  I am Vice-chair at Branton St Wilfrid’s CoE Primary and have been on the Governing Board for over 8 years, in addition to being on the local Scout Group Executive and a volunteer coach for Doncaster Knights Mini Juniors.

My aim is to support the school to deliver the best possible outcomes and experience, for all involved in the school community.  

Members Board
Mrs S Cashmore (Chair)
Mr S Cross
Mr B Fletcher
Mrs E Fox
Headteacher (Legal Requirement)
Mrs L Fox
Governance Professional (Appointed by Trustees)
Mrs H Rose


Further information regarding the Composition of Trustees and Register of Trustees Interest can be accessed by clicking on the links below.