Google Home Learning

When a student is not able to physically be at school but is well enough to work from home, they should follow their normal timetable by accessing the relevant Google Classroom.

On entering your Google Classroom, they will need to register in order to record attendance. Click on the link to learn how to do this: Registering myself in a lesson.

Teachers will upload lesson resources and activities for students to access. In the event of a partial or whole-school closure, teachers will, as far as possible, deliver lessons ‘live’ via Google Classroom. It will not be possible to do this in other circumstances, for example, when the majority of students are present in the building.

If you require support when using Google Classrooms, please watch the series of videos below; if you still have concerns after accessing the videos and related training materials, please contact the school.

Expectations and Protocols

Working remotely requires all parties to play their part in ensuring the best possible experience for all concerned. To this end, we have set out below what you can expect from us and what we expect in return. 

Staff can expect students learning remotely to:

  • Be contactable during the school day – whilst accepting they may not always be in front of a device the entire time
  • Complete work to the deadline set by teachers
  • Seek help if they need it, from teachers or Learning Support Assistants
  • Alert teachers if they’re not able to complete work
  • Remember that all posts are public. When present in the online lesson it will be possible for students to post messages on to the live class stream. Teachers will be able to read all posts and messages, which are automatically saved. We want to encourage interaction with teachers and peers but all messages must be in reference to the learning. Any inappropriate posts or comments will be shared immediately with parents and Year Leader.
  • Be respectful. We all work at different speeds and in different ways. Make sure you contribute to a calm and orderly online environment and do not stop others from learning.


Staff can expect parents/carers with children learning remotely to:

  • Make the school aware if their child is sick or otherwise can’t complete work
  • Seek help from the school if they need it
  • Ensure as far as possible that their child engages fully with the work and completes set tasks as required
  • Endeavour to provide their child with a suitable environment in which to access and complete the work. This may include guidance on posture, regular hydration and screen breaks, in addition to facilitating with appropriate lighting
  • Be respectful when making any complaints or concerns known to staff

In the event of a partial or whole-school closure*, teaching staff are responsible for:

  • Teaching a planned and well-sequenced curriculum so that students’ knowledge and skills continue to build incrementally for the duration of the closure
  • Liaising with the curriculum leader to agree on aspects of the curriculum which may need to be deferred to a later date due to complexity and/or practicalities
  • Ensuring that each Google Classroom is up-to-date and well maintained, including general ‘housekeeping’
  • Following their existing timetable for the duration of the closure, unless otherwise instructed by the Headteacher
  • Uploading a register for each lesson
  • Delivering ‘live’ lessons in which students can see and hear the member of staff whenever possible
  • Responding in a timely manner to questions and comments posted in the classroom by students
  • Reminding as appropriate the need for students to follow the agreed protocols for being online during lessons e.g. suitable clothing etc.
  • Addressing early signs of non-engagement before escalating it to the curriculum leader
  • Reporting any safeguarding concerns to the DSL and asking for guidance as appropriate
  • Adhering to the Staff Code of Conduct at all times, including dress code
  • Being aware of background noise when delivering remote lessons, and paying due diligence to what can be seen in the background during live lessons
  • Reporting staff absence in the usual manner (SOL and line manager) and providing ‘cover work’ via email

* Is also intended to cover a partial or full school closure caused by inclement weather, or any circumstance in which teachers/students are unable to physically be in the building but are fit to work from home.