Why should I study this subject?

The OCR Business course is relevant to the world of business today. This qualification equips learners with the skills and confidence to explore how different business situations affect business decisions. It will encourage learners to make informed choices about a wide range of further learning opportunities and career pathways as well as develop life skills that enable them to become financially and commercially aware.

What will I study?

You will learn about the following content:

  • The role of business enterprise and entrepreneurship.
  • Revenue, costs, profit, loss and breakeven.
  • Production processes to improve the quality of goods and services
  • The role of marketing including market research and segmentation
  • Sources of finance
  • Types of business ownership
  • Organisational structures and different ways of working

How will I be assessed?

Examination (100%) – There are 2 exam papers with a mixture of multiple choice, short answer questions and extended answer questions:

Paper 1: Business activity, marketing and people (1 hour and 30 minutes, 50% of your total GCSE)

Paper 2: Operations, finance and influences on business (1 hour and 30 minutes, 50% of your total GCSE)

What skills will I learn?

The qualification will make connections between theory and practice so that learners are able to apply their understanding of business to real organisations. Decision making will help learners to evaluate choices and decisions about their own future working lives. Improve confidence in using both qualitative and quantitative data to make business decisions.

What equipment will I need?

No equipment is needed other than normal school stationery.

How will this subject develop my sense of character and culture?

Financial skills learned will help students to manage their own finances as they become employed and need to organise their spending, borrowing and budgeting.

Entrepreneurs from all around the world have made a big difference to the economy, environment, ethics, innovation and technological development. Examples of economic links: Making informed decisions about the choice and implementation of new products, the impacts of economic changes on small businesses (e.g. changes to business taxation).

Where can this subject take me?

This qualification may lead into a Cambridge Technical Award in Business, BTEC Level 3, A Level Business. Students may progress into roles as self-employed professions, marketing officers, business administrative assistants. However there are many many more opportunities.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more information about the course via the OCR Business website.

What other subjects would compliment my learning in this qualification?

The Curriculum Team

Mr R Ellison
Teacher of Business and Enterprise