Examinations Information

Our examinations officer is Mrs S Odell.

Mrs Odell is responsible to administering our pre-public and public examinations. Students, parents and carers should refer to this page for updates on examinations at KS4, along with examination and assessment guidance. 

What are pre-public examinations?

In Year 11, students sit PPEs (Pre Public Examinations). These internal examinations, completed under the same conditions as the external GCSEs, are designed to provide a realistic experience and prepare students for approaching examination seasons. 

The PPE’s are a ‘mock’ of the real GCSE assessments and are a really important indication of how students are getting on in all of their subjects ahead of their final GCSE’s. In order to accurately intervene and support students in the most appropriate way, their teachers need an accurate picture of where they are in their knowledge, skills and understanding. This os why we really encourage our young people, and their parents/carers, to take PPEs seriously. 

Year 11 Pre Public Exams

Year 10 Pre Public Exams

Exams Summer 2022

Examination and Assessment Guidance

Rules and guidance issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications.