Enterprise and Marketing


Why should I study this subject?

The Enterprise and Marketing OCR Cambridge National course is a very practical course with a close focus on enterprise and entrepreneurship, as well as applied skills and scenarios from the real world. Students will develop and build upon practical business skills through the design of an original product which meets a specific business challenge. This includes market research, designing, scoping and costing products as they might in a real business.

What will I study?

This qualification is split into three areas: Enterprise and Marketing concepts, designing a business proposal and marketing and pitching a business proposal.

How will I be assessed? (incoming course from September 2022 onwards)

Three Units – Two being Coursework (30% each). One being an external assessment (40%).

How will I be assessed? (outgoing course for current students)

Three Units – Two being Coursework (25% each) One being an external assessment (50%).

What skills will I learn?

The qualification contains practical activities that build on theoretical knowledge so that you can put your learning into practice while also developing valuable transferable skills such as: verbal communication/presentation, research, analytical skills and digital presentation.

What equipment will I need?

No equipment is needed other than normal school stationery.

How will this subject develop my sense of character and culture?

Financial skills learned will help students to manage their own finances as they become employed and need to organise their spending, borrowing and budgeting.
Entrepreneurs from all around the world have made a big difference to the economy, environment, ethics, innovation and technological development. Examples of economic links: Making informed decisions about the choice and implementation of new products, the impacts of economic changes on small businesses (e.g. changes to business taxation).

Where can this subject take me?

This qualification may lead into a Cambridge Technical Award in Business, BTEC Level 3, A Level Business. Students may progress in to role as self-employed professions, marketing officers, business administrative assistant. However there are many many more opportunities.

Where can I find out more?

What other subjects would compliment my learning in this qualification?

The Curriculum Team

Mr R Ellison
Teacher of Business and Enterprise