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Engineering Design


Why should I study this subject?

This course is ideal for any student with an interest in how products are both designed and engineered. It is suitable for students of all abilities that may wish to increase their knowledge of how products are first researched then designed and finally engineered. Students may wish to eventually study design / engineering and ultimately become a product designer or engineer. It is also suitable for those who just enjoy being creative and designing and making new products.

Computer Aided and traditional design drawing skills will be studied and developed during the 2 year course.

What will I study?

Students will study four units over the 2 year course:

Unit 1 R105 This unit covers the initial stages of the design process focussing on design briefs, writing and using design specifications and finally focuses on user requirements.

Unit 2 R105 This unit covers the next stage in the design process. It involves analysing existing products, researching materials, production methods and processes. Disassembling products is also a key area covered in this unit.

Unit 3 R107 Developing and presenting engineering designs. This unit sees the start of the hands on designing. Drawings skills, computer modelling and physical model making are all key areas covered.

Unit 4 R108 3D Design realisation: The final unit through the production of a final model. Accuracy and attention to detail will be the key skills assessed.

How will I be assessed?

The course is 75% coursework, with a 25% externally set exam in Y10.

Unit 1 = 25% of the total course Y10 Externally set and marked 1 hour exam

Unit 2 = 25% of the total course Y10 Centre assessed task, externally moderated

Unit 3 = 25% of the total course Y11 Centre assessed task, externally moderated

Unit 4 = 25% of the total course Y11 Centre assessed task, externally moderated

What skills will I learn?

The OCR Cambridge National in Engineering Design will enable you to solve problems in order to create new products through research and practical hands on making activities.

Whist studying for your OCR National in Engineering Design, you will use practical skills such as drawing, computer modelling and model making to communicate design ideas.

You will also apply practical skills to produce prototypes in the form of a model and test these ideas to inform further product development. This course will also help you develop your critical thinking, creativity and making skills.

What equipment will I need?

The hands on practical equipment, machinery and Health and Safety PPE wil all be provided. It will be essential to have a good selection of basic graphics equipment including; Pencils, pens, colours, ruler, rubber, sharpener. More advanced equipment such as sketch pads and graphics markers would be a bonus.

IT access will also also important to enable the computer aided design (CAD) components to be fully developed.

How will this subject develop my sense of character and culture?

This course will give students and appreciation of how products are designed and engineered in the real world. It will hopefully start a life long interest in how products are made and tested before being put to market.

Where can this subject take me?

Your teacher will be happy to share knowledge of linked professions with you.

Where can I find out more?

What other subjects would compliment my learning in this qualification?

The Curriculum Team

Mr N Allan
Subject Leader of Design, Engineer, Construct