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Child Development


Why should I study this subject?

This qualification is for students who wish to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in child care and development. It is designed with both practical and theoretical elements, which will complement the study of and prepare students for further qualification and careers in Biology, Childcare, Health & Social Care, Midwifery, Nursing, Psychology and Sociology. It will also provide valuable knowledge and life skills that will be essential to any future parent/carer.

What will I study?

There are three units to study:

Unit 1: Health and well-being for child development

This topic of study underpins all of the other learning in this qualification. Students will develop the essential knowledge and understanding in child development, covering reproduction, parental responsibility, antenatal care, birth, postnatal checks, postnatal provision, conditions for development, childhood illnesses and child safety.

Unit 2: Understanding the equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years Students will gain knowledge of the equipment needs of babies and young children and an understanding of the factors to be considered when choosing appropriate equipment to meet all of these needs. This topic will also cover nutrition and hygiene practices and students will be given the opportunity to investigate feeding solutions, comparing these to nutritional requirements and evaluating the outcomes.

Unit 3: Understanding the development norms of a child from birth to five years

Students will gain an understanding of the development norms from birth to five years and the stages and benefits of play. Students will gain knowledge of, and skills in, developing activities to observe development norms in children up to the age of five. This topic will include researching, planning and carrying out activities with a child and observing and evaluating these activities, as well as comparing the child to the expected development norms. Researching, planning, observing and evaluating skills would be useful in further studies as these are transferable skills and could be applied to many

subject areas.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1 is an examined unit lasting 1hour 15 minutes. It is worth 50% of the qualification.

Unit 2 is assessed within school based on providing a portfolio of evidence that learning has been undertaken. It is worth 25% of the qualification. This might be by producing written/typed reports, online shop/visit logs, the production of information leaflets, PowerPoint presentations, storyboards, articles, nutritional analysis, interviews, questionnaires and witness statements.

Unit 3 is assessed within school based on providing a portfolio of evidence that learning has been undertaken. It is worth 25% of the qualification. Students might design, plan and carry out/supervise activities aimed at young children and evaluate their success. This could be done by a written report, issuing feedback sheets from parents/guardians/carers, collecting evidence from children they work with (e.g. drawings), and/or by undertaking written up comparisons and evaluations.

What skills will I learn?

You will be able to:

  • recall, select and apply detailed knowledge and thorough understanding of child development
  • present information clearly and accurately, using a wide range of terminology
  • apply relevant knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of situations to plan and carry out investigations and tasks effectively, testing their solutions, and working safely
  • analyse and evaluate the evidence available, reviewing and adapting their methods where appropriate
  • make reasoned judgements and substantiated conclusions
  • work confidently and independently to create material which reflects thoughtful planning, skilled development and perceptive evaluation as well as actively demonstrating practical skills at a high level.

What equipment will I need?

You will need access to a child between the ages of 0-5 to be your child study. They do not need to live in your house but you need to be able to visit them easily.

How will this subject develop my sense of character and culture?

This subject can help you to develop your sense of culture by demonstrating how child development methods, principles and values support children. You will understand how spiritual well-being can be enhanced through, for example, the activities offered to develop creative abilities and respect can be shown for individuals’ beliefs and how these impact on their lives.

The course will also help you to appreciate that child development contributes to the development of our culture and to social cohesion. You will need to show cultural awareness of children when communicating and interacting with them.

Where can this subject take me?

This qualification can take you in a number of exciting directions. You may wish to get an apprenticeship at a childcare establishment, go to College to further your study in child care or use it to help you to get into further study of something such as Midwifery or Child Psychology.

Your teacher will be happy to share knowledge of linked professions with you.

Where can I find out more?

What other subjects would compliment my learning in this qualification?

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