Character and Culture Curriculum

We take personal development extremely seriously at The Hayfield School.  Our core values of kindness, decency and strong work ethic are woven through all we do and this includes our Character and Culture Curriculum. The curriculum is made up of five discrete but interconnected strands and sets out the kind of young people we would have leave us at the end of Year 11. For us, this is a young person who is ready to:

  • celebrate and embrace diversity in its many forms, whilst seeking to promote equality for all

  • take responsibility for their own physical and mental wellbeing, knowing how to act when they are concerned about themselves or others in order to keep safe

  • make the most of every opportunity, both in and out of school, to reach their full potential and meet their aspirations

  • uphold their rights and responsibilities, taking up their place in the world with a strong moral compass and being respectful of other people’s beliefs and opinions

  • utilise their cultural capital through an understanding of and appreciation for  human creativity and achievement

All of this is brought together in our Character and Culture Wheel. The wheel is prominently displayed throughout the school and the strands are incorporated into lessons as and when appropriate. 

How is the curriculum delivered?

The Character and Culture Curriculum is woven into a typical week in numerous ways. Our rolling programme means that our children and young people receive a dedicated one hour lesson each week. These lessons are carefully planned to ensure age appropriate coverage of all statutory requirements linked to Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHCE)  and RSE (Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education). 

In addition, there are weekly broadcasts of Fox News. Each programme is introduced by Mrs Fox, the Headteacher, and provides a regular opportunity for her to address all students and to deliver key messages linked to our Character and Culture Curriculum. 

We also have three ‘stop the clock’ days which are dedicated to different aspects of the Character and Culture Curriculum. These days are carefully planned and delivered to provide age appropriate content which ensures progression.