Architecture is a reflection of the ambition and endeavour of a civilisation. What we create now will be the legacy of our society for future generations to judge


The Architecture curriculum at Hayfield School intends to introduce students to the fundamental skills and knowledge of being an Architect. It aims to provide students with opportunities to explore creative projects and experiences that model the working process and roles of Architects, Interior / Landscape Designers within the construction Industry.

Curriculum Intent

The course is based on different projects that will be done through a portfolio of work. This includes research, visual investigations, drawing and recording in appropriate forms, model making and developing your own ideas.

The projects we will cover include:

Urban Decay – which explores the purpose of effective architecture and design, how it impacts upon society and creating effective building solutions to improve our communities.

Eco Building Project – which will explore how effective design should work in harmony with nature and be sustainable for the future. Designs will respond to global issues impacting our environment.

Externally set project in year 11 – the themes for this will be set by the exam board. You will choose one of the themes to develop that is suitable for an architectural based project and outcome.

Students will also have the opportunity to experience enrichment activities that relate to the course through an annual Art and Design trip to see relevant architectural sites and exhibitions.


Why should I study this subject?

GCSE Art and Design (3D) (Architecture) will provide you with the knowledge, experience and portfolio of evidence in order to access further study that can lead to a career in Architecture or related area. It will develop your technical skills and give you opportunity to create practical work. It will provide you with a foundation knowledge of Architecture and help you decide if this is a career pathway you wish to pursue at a later date.

What will I learn?

This course develops your visual skills in drawing, recording, 3D making, critical thinking, organisation and problem solving. It requires independence and self motivation as well as the ability to commit the time to be successful. You will explore contemporary architecture and designers and develop your own architectural solutions to the project themes.

How will I be assessed?

This is a coursework based subject and there will be a portfolio of work plus an externally set project which is an exam project.

The coursework projects, which are done throughout year 10 and the beginning of year 11, are worth 60% of your total qualification.

The exam based project, which is done during year 11, is worth 40% of your total qualification. You will get ongoing assessment and feedback on your work throughout each project.

There are four skill areas (assessment objectives – AO’s) you will be judged against:

  • Your research and observations into existing work (AO1)
  • Your ability to explore and experiment with materials and ideas (AO2)
  • Your skills in recording and making (AO3)
  • Your ability to create something original as an outcome (AO4)

What skills will I develop?

This course develops your visual skills in drawing, recording, 3D making, critical thinking, organisation and problem solving. It requires independence and self motivation as well as the ability to commit the time to be successful.

What equipment will I need?

Students will be required to do practical work in this subject therefore they will need: Basic drawing equipment including – pencils, rubber, sharpener, ruler, colour pencil crayons, felt-tip pens or markers, fine line pen. These items can be purchased as the course develops and pupils gain more knowledge of certain media and techniques. Student will be required to present and develop work in a sketchbook or presentation book. They will be advised as to what is suitable for the course within the initial weeks of study. Over time students may wish to purchase items that will allow them to create work at home using similar equipment to that in school. This will provide greater scope for independent work. Items such as a cutting matt, quality scissors and a cutting knife and masking tape may be desirable in the future but are not essential.

How will this subject develop my sense of Character and Culture?

The role of an Architect is very important and pupils will learn about the professional responsibility and integrity the job requires.

Diversity: Throughout the course you will form an understanding of the role of architecture in our diverse society, young/ old/ wealthy/ poor, social demographic, housing, public spaces, disability access and location.

Wellbeing: Applying the concepts and intentions of architecture to improve our experience of the man-made environment, living spaces/ ambience, public spaces/ access, security/ safety, mental health and urban living

Aspirations: Appreciating the importance of good architectural design and the impact it has. Understanding the professional role of an Architect and pathways / careers within the profession. Professionalism/ presentation, accuracy / quality/ innovation and personal design ideas.

Values – To encompass thoughtful design that considers current issues and aims to solve these through research and innovation. Building materials and costs, environmental impact sustainability / recycling, energy use / new technologies, innovative design and professional integrity.

Where can this subject take me?

This course will provide you with an Art and Design based GCSE qualification that can lead to further study of art and design related areas at A level, Btec or similar routes (college based courses are available through several local organisations). There is a further career progression then available at either apprenticeship or degree level study in Architecture and related areas.

Where can I find out more?

What other subjects would compliment my learning in this qualification?

The Curriculum Team

Mr P Plunkett
Subject Leader of Architecture